A CMS like plugin with content caching

So I might be way off target, but I am trying to find the most robust way of embedding media files to my notes. The attachment folder, that currently is the default place for all things other than simple text files, is far from optimal.

I am, for now, heavily embedded in the :apple: ecosystem, but that may slowly change in the next few years. I have almost all my files stored in iCloud, and storage optimization enabled on all my devices. This is because I don’t have enough storage capacity on my computer, tablet or phone. With iCloud I have zero control over what files I want stored offline on my devices at all times, causing Obsidian files to offload and become unavailable.

Some suggestions on the forum are to upload all photos, videos, PDFs publicly to sites like Imgur etc. I don’t want to be reliant on services that may suddenly change their terms and delete my files.

If I could somehow use some sort of CMS with Obsidian, that would be amazing. Some key features would be:

  • Self hosting.
  • Streaming media files in through embedded weblinks.
  • Picture and video optimization, like resizing and .webp.
  • Private and secure signed URLs.
  • Local caching of full resolution files.
  • Caching of thumbnails and low res placeholders for all images.
  • (Open Source)

If anyone knows if this is already possible in some way I am all ears. The solution does not have to be free.

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At a minimum, you can certainly upload images to any web space you control and use those links.

The Tresorit service does most of what you want but isn’t open source and is expensive.

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