A button to go back to plugin documentation from plugin options

Use case or problem

When looking at the specific options for a plugin, I often find myself having to go back to documentation to understand those options. Documentation is found where we can browse and install community plugins. From there i can go to options, but i can’t go back to documentation.

Proposed solution

Just insert a button named Documentation (or other) in plugin options, linking to the page where we can read the doc, install the plugin and going back to options.


Use case or problem

I’m often dealing with plugins and their options and it’s inconvenient that there is a button to go from a Community plugin to its options (via the Options button or Cog), but not the other way around.

Proposed solution

A button / method on each plugin’s options page which jumps the plugin’s page (which shows its README, and Options, Enable, Hotkeys buttons, etc).



I would like to see this. There is already precedent: in the Settings > Community Plugins list of installed plugins, the plugin names link to their description pages.

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Yes you can go the plugin documentation via the community plugins tab in the settings but it takes longer depending on how much plugins you have installed and its quite annoying that there isnt a simple back button or hotkey for it.

  1. Escape usually works as a back button but not here.
  2. Navigate Back with Ctrl+Alt+<- doesnt work either

I suggest its changed in the following ways:

  1. A direct link to the specific plugin documentation site
  2. The github link should always appear on top of the specific plugins page
  3. Simple Navigational Back and Forward buttons for the entire settings tab, on top of each site and it does not move up when the user scrolls down
  4. The hotkeys to the corresponding commands “Navigate Back” & “Navigate Forward” should work in the settings window when theyre opened.
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+1 for this. I constantly finding myself wanting to navigate from the plugin options to the documentation. It’s particularly frustrating that there’s a button in the documentation for the options but no easy way to get back. I totally support the suggestions of @SomeDude

I should add that I’ve just tried the Quick Plugin Switcher plugin and it provides a nice way around this issue. I’d still like to see this functionality introduced in core though.