A bit of CSS stuff

Hello again everyone,

I wonder if anyone is very slick/fast with CSS code and wouldn’t mind resolving a few issues, I tried to do it myself, but realize that understanding how to manipulate this code will be a quite lengthy learning process, and since this is not an area of expertise that I expect to need or want to work with, I’d like to defer to the experts, if it’s quick and easy enough for you.

As alltagsverstand had suggested:

" Save your file as select.css under path_to_your_vault/.obsidian/snippets, then go to your obsidian settings → appearance → css snippets and activate the snippet. This should do it.

For an introduction in customizing obsidian with css, have a look here for example."

I’ve done this and fixed the previous problem with the highlighting, what I’d like to do now is change the colour of the internal links in view/live mode (or whatever it’s called, basically non-edit mode) .

Using the editor, I changed the internal links colour to yellow, but it only seems to apply in edit mode, for the live view mode, I believe that there is some kind of overlay that dulls down the colours.

See here: http://postimg.cc/GBHKnH7Y

At the very top are internal links, but they blend in too much with everything else on the page, I’d like to have those links brighter and more in contrast to the remainder of the page so that the links stand out.

You can see on the very right that I changed the variable --link-internal to yellow ( http://postimg.cc/G4HQD4F2 ), but then in live view (previous screenshot above) the colours are dulled down by the overlay (is that the proper description for the “overlay” that covers over and transforms the colours?).

I suspect that this overlay is not “page-wide” but would be specific to each element within the live page, so that I could control the effect of the overlay for only the links text, adjusting the transparency of the overlay?

Lastly, were that fixed, would there also be a way to colour differently http links to file links ( file links meaning local files linked to file:/// )? So that I would have different colours for Internet links and local file links.

From what I saw when changing colours, I don’t think the CSS code can tell the difference between Internet links and local file links. Or can CSS use IF functions to change the colour if it sees “file:///” in the link?

I noticed there was a CSS section of the forums, but the section was titled something like “Show off your CSS”, so I figured that maybe asking for basic CSS advice/solutions might not be for that section of the forums… if it is nonetheless, maybe an Admin can move my post.

Thank you.

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