A better to use Obsidian for Engineering

Hi all! I’m new to this Obsidian thing, so please correct me if I explain a concept incorrectly or use a word wrong; I’m still learning it all myself! Anyways, let me give you some background so you have context on how this system is indented to work.

I began using Obsidian for just book notes - with the book as a MOC and notes spiraling from it. I really like the idea of a MOC and I implemented it into my own ZK. Recently, however, I began making a project that didn’t have much research behind it online. I needed a solution to a) Creating a spark b) Pump oil quickly and c) Remain relatively cheap. I began thinking about systems to achieve this and was quickly bogged down in hours of research on various different methods. So, I came up with the idea to use MOCs for these subjects. For example, when I researched a spark plug system, I added a link to a [[Spark]] note that will become a MOC. Then, I researched using Piezo starters and also added the [[Spark]] link. Now, I can create a [[Spark]] note with all the various ways to create a spark. So, the next time I have to create a spark in a project I can access my Spark MOC and have all the research readily available for me.

For engineering/tinkerers, use MOCs as a way to access solutions to systems. For me, the [[Spark]] note is now a way to view all the different ways I am aware of marking a spark. This can apply to various subjects, just find what works for you.

I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on this system and ways to improve it. I am most definitely a new user and would love to hear suggestions for plugins, templates, etc. to make this process friction-less. Thanks!

Useless response: Wow, you’ve recreated Sparknotes in Obsidian! :stuck_out_tongue:

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