403 Error using iframe causes Obsidian to crash

Hello Community,

I’m having a strange issue that just started happening. Nothing in my environment has changed since yesterday, but now I’m getting the issue.

Any note that has is crashing obsidian. The error message on the console is:

GET https://pomofocus.io/api/user 403 (Forbidden)

I can’t find any other threads that address this issue.
This is my home computer, not under any kind of firewall.

I have

  • turned off my VPN, thinking that might be the issue, but the issue persists.
  • tested other iframe notes. They all work.

I’m on the latest of Obsidian.

Thanks in advance for any tips you might be able to offer.

Sorry, hit send on that too soon. The iframe that’s causing the 403 error is

This resolved itself, somehow. I smacked my computer twice while reciting the poem below:

My computer it was misbehaving
I just wanted it to start saving
So with a frustrated groan
I raised my hand to the screen
And with a smack my problem was seen

The noise it made was a loud thud
But then I noticed something odd
My computer no longer crashed
When it opened up the note with iframe pomo

My rage it had not been in vain
My problem had been solved in a way I can’t explain
So though my temper had flared
My computer was now repaired
And I could get back to work with no more fear

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