3D graph view

3D Graph view

  1. As you can see the links for backlinks in 2D pane
  2. The 3D pane should show the previous 2D links and new Z cooridinate which will show relationships thru hastags

Graph view

  1. Add filter for how many child to show (now it is only one child)
  2. Improve graph view a lot! When clicking on circle I dont want to go to note, I want to expand more childs of node.

Please (1) separate ideas into atomic requests, and (2) search the forum to make sure your request doesn’t already exist—if it does, add your thoughts there. In this case, there is extensive discussion on graph filtering already.

Interesting. A 2D/3D toggle should be added, too.

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d3-based 3D force-directed graph code is here

Anyone got the chops to make this a plugin to see how it “feels”?
“Community prototyping” style :slight_smile:


yessss, we need thisss

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Amazing, I wish this was a plugin :star_struck:

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There is a plugin uses this liberary : GitHub - AlexW00/obsidian-3d-graph: 👓 A 3D graph for Obsidian!


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