3D Graph View with Lock and Area Support

3D Graph View Request

This proposed request is intended for people who are, like me, used to search in mind, in a visualised way, the different concepts and their connections like a globe. Try imagining the atom in the film Iron Man 1, that may give you some hints.

I would like to ask, since I have only little programming knowledge,that whether this is possible. And I would like it to have Areas that can be highlighted with colours; The Lock Feature to maintain that area unmoved.

It could be online, since being offline may take up too much resource of the computer (if it’s the case).


3D graph view works in Neo4j Graph View Plugin.
Preservation of coordinates / permanent absolute/relative node locations have been discussed in relation to that plugin too. Not sure about current state/possibilities.
I guess, areas in 3D would be volumes.

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areas in graph view (2D):

Hi malecjan,
The current problem I’ve encountered is that the default graph view is not that intuitively layout for me to quickly navigate through a bunch of ideas. I am trying the Neo4j Plugin that you mentioned, and I’ll talk about what I feel about it later after I try it.
But anyhow, thank you!

d3-based 3D force graph code here:

Anyone have the chops to make this a plugin? :sweat_smile:


It would also be great if we can view our Obsidian graphs in VR. I have an oculus quest and my digital garden is getting more and more complex. I can imagine a future where I can find insights from my ideas by navigating the graph view in 3d form in VR. That will be so much fun!


+1 for this, as I experience my cognitive processes in a high dimensional space and form.

Am loving what I can get with Obsidian’s built-in Graph functions at the moment, as it is the closest I’ve come after trying other systems like Roam and TheBrain.

So yes, 3D capability would be much adored, and very useful for those of us who experience thought visually/spatially!