3 Random Tarot Card Generator

I just started obsidian recently and I started to make notes about Tarot cards. I wanted to figure out a way to randomly pick three images or Tarot cards from a folder and display them. I looked into the dice roller version of Tarot cards but I wasn’t able to get the images of the cards to come up. It would be really nice if we could have a plugin that could use dataview or something to randomly choose images from a folder that has a bunch of Tarot card images.

I feel like the dice rolling plugin is so close but I want an image to be shown and maybe the small description under the image. I’d also like to add a link to my actual note of the specific cards I rolled.

Smart Random Note lets you choose random notes from a folder. You’d have to click or tap it 3 times to pick 3 cards, but it has an option to open the notes in new panes so you could have them all on screen when you’re done.

If are viewing the notes in either Live Preview or Reading Mode, you will see any embedded images.

(Also, this thread should probably be in Help, not Feature Requests.)