<3 for Obsidian

I just want to take the opportunity to express how much I appreciate obsidian as a tool for note taking and ordering. I dont even possibly scratch the surface of its possibilities.

You guys did something really phenomenal and I hope you continue with this project for many many years to come and make it big.

I am not in tech, I am a clinical medical student and I use Obsidian for all my notes. Its my second brain literally. And it works beautifully.

So thank you for making something useful for the world devs and keep it coming :slight_smile:


Update 22.11.22:

Im working to integrate Notes better into a cohesive synergistic dynamic end product.

I would love to see a Obsidian Notes “Sharing Database” like ANKI does with sharing decks.
That would be like sharing the outsourced mind of great scientists, artists and whoever is using Obsidian. So interesting.

Just food for thought.

Update 03.12.22:

Found the incredibly easy
underscript $O_2$ or $O_{2}$
superscript is $O^2$


Im also using advanced tables which is a little chunky but works.

Obsidian is incredible.

Thanks for the nice words. Just moving this to Help (for lack of a better place) to keep the Meta category clean.

Is that different than what Obsidian Publish already is? People are publishing and sharing their vaults. But you mean a curated, browseable list of vaults?

Update 04.01.23

Im struggling with exponents.

If I want to write 10^23 as a number I do so like this : $10^23$
While the ^2 is uppercased so to speak, the 3 is not.
10^2^3 also does not work. Suggestions?

Besides, still using Obsidian, its the best.

It looks like for multi-character exponents you need to put the expression in braces, e.g.:


On my machine the output looks like this:


More info here: Subscript and Superscript in LaTeX - LaTeX-Tutorial.com

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Craig I salute you thanks! That works like a charm.


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