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Good afternoon everyone, today I have 2 somewhat related questions about vaults & folders. They are both fairly short, so I will ask them together. BTW I have searched the help files, as best I can as a newbie, and have not been able to find answers.
My 1st question is this, once you have created a vaults is possible to change that false name or do you have to and create a new? Oh, another question I just thought of. If you do have to delete involved folder, how do you move notes from one vault to another? Is it by using your own computers directory/folder functions?
Now here’s my original 2nd question. Does obsidian recognize a form of ‘container’ that is smaller than a vaults but larger than a folder? Or can you and do you create subfolders within larger folders?
Thanks in advance for your help. John

Vaults are the only containers. But vaults can have as many sub-folders as you choose.

Changing the name of a vault isn’t a big deal - though would need to do it in the OS. I can’t remember if you’d need to open the folder as a vault again from scratch, but still no big deal.

Yes. But you’d need to be careful doing this because you’d lose any links.

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