1.5.8. Release Notes: information about changed macOS minimum system version missing

An important information that is missing from the release notes for 1.5.8 is the fact
that seemingly macOS 10.15 is now required where previous 1.5.x versions ran on 10.13.

Changing OS system requirements in a semver PATCH release is generally not considered user-friendly…

This doesn’t sound good, as I’m on 10.14.6 still… :frowning:

So if I’m gone missing in the nearby future, it’s due to this requirement, and somehow that my system has updated in spite of auto-update being turned off.

I also reckon this means that my advice will be more and more outdated, as I can’t test in the newest environment. That’s also kind of depressing… At least for me… :cry:


This changes come from electron (and in turn from chrome). They removed support for 10.13 and 10.14.

You can keep using the old installer and rely only on the internal update mechanism until it works but we no longer support it.

We’ll add a note about this in the release notes.

In general, we follow chrome’s system requirements in all desktop versions:


I responded to OP in the requirements related to the macOs version, with which version I’m on, which is macOs 10.14.6.

If you are unable to update, what remedy are you looking for?
Would you consider installing or using Linux in dual-boot if possible or another machine?

Personally I’m not looking for any remedy, I was just stating what’s going to happen and how it affects me. In the long run I reckon I’ll buy a new desktop computer, but that doesn’t mean I’m not sadden by this development.

Let it also be said that I do understand the reasoning behind the requirements, and don’t have any bad feelings in that regard. It’s just leaving me in an unfortunate predicament.

In the world of quick fixes, this sounds like a let-down, but you are your own master. (Meaning why wait for the long run?)

Drop the DV people for a week and boom – solve this for yourself, no?

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