1.4 Frontmatter and Properties Tags


in the new update 1.4 for obsidian the properties UI, for tags specifically, changes tags that have space between words into two tags when the note is closed and reloaded and also when the tag is created in source mode and then changed to new “properties” UI.

in the yaml source I would type:

master note

the properties UI would show tags in their highlighted bubbles as:

“notes” “master” “notes” “nonsense_notes”

Similarly, if i make a tag with two or more words separated by spaces in the properties UI, obsidian will split the one tag into two tags of separate words.

Also, if i create a two worded tag in the source mode for front matter which is separated by commas or listed as an array ( using the hyphen) and then change it to the properties UI, i will get two separate tags. But when i change it back to source mode, the array will be changed and will have a hyphen for the two words.

My current work around is to use underscores for spaces but I’d like to be able to use multiple words for one tag.

We don’t support multi word tags (it’s in the docs). Your workaround is the solution.

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