0.8.1 - Graph view - duplicated but orphan notes

In some cases when I move notes in bulk, the regenerated Graph view shows some notes twice, one with the proper backlink, but the other is an orphan. And then it cannot be fixed, orphan notes appear after any regeneration of the graph.

Expected result: There should not be any duplicated but orphan notes.

Has anyone recognized something similar?

Or this is what is fixed in 0.8.2 as it is announced internally:
“Graph view now properly recognizes heading links to the same file.” ?

It’s possible that 0.8.2 fixes the issue.
Do you also get duplicate autosuggestions?

You can try to delete .obsidian/.cache

Hi WhiteNoise!
No duplicated autosuggestions. I deleted the cache also, but it did not fixed the issue.

have you restarted obsidian after removing the cache?
Can you post a screenshot?

Yep, I restarted it.
Here is a screenshot:

, the note in the top left corner has a backlink-connection, while the right-bottom one does not have any in the graph. However, there are no multiple notes with the same name, just one, with a backlink.

If you want, zip you vault as it is. and send me private DM on discord.

this should be fixed in 0.8.2