0.10.1 - copy selection (URL) from Chrome, paste into Obsidian sometimes results in invalid links

the new feature where copied HTML converts on the fly to Markdown is neat, but seems buggy. Here’s a quick repro (Mac, not tested on Windows):

  1. visit e.g. this ZeroTier wiki page in Chrome
  2. select the area of text starting with “See this superuser post…” and copy (⌘C)
  3. paste into Obsidian
  4. here’s what you get (notice the duplicate quoted string in the url area:

This doesn’t happen on all pages, not sure what’s unique about this that’s triggering it.

Obsidian is converting what is already on the page. There’s nothing invalid here. In your browser, when you hover over superuser, it will popup a text (which in this case is a url). Obsidian is converting the whole thing in markdown format [text](url "tooltip text")

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Ah. Sorry for the false positive.

TIL about the format [foo](http://bar.com "tooltip") :slight_smile: