Zotero versus Annotator plugin

I work mostly on pdfs that are in my own repository (reports, presentations etc). I’m looking for efficient ways to manage my annotations. Based on my search, two options arise: using Zotero or the Annotator community plugin. The latter is simpler but doesn’t allow me to see my highlights outside of Obsidian. Zotero seems more suitable for academic work.

A third option that’s recently emerged is to upload my pdfs to Reader from Readwise and import the highlights to Obsidian.

What’s your experience been? And why do you prefer one over the other?

You may find prior discussion by searching the forum and/or the Obsidian Discord’s #academia channel.

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I’m following a mix of the two right now, but I’m still searching a sweetspot.

  1. Books, academia in Zotero
  2. Business documents, working documents as Vault-Document with Annotator and “Better PDF Plugin”

The drawback is that the definitions isn’t clear and there will be some documents maybe in both.

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Better PDF looks good. Thanks for suggesting it!

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