Zotero integrations

I think it most likely will come as a community plugin. I’ve mentioned this in Discord before, the when part of the question is just a matter of finding a volunteer. It’s on my todo/wish list as well, but I have responsibilities and other plugins that need my attention first.
If someone in this thread is a developer and has some free time and interest on developing, I can give pointers.


got you, @argentum thanks for the info, makes sense, these things take time and energy. I don’t have the skill level for it unfortunatly, hope there’ll be someone who takes the torch do make it happen

I just wrote a python script which uses the text in the clipboard (e.g. the title of a paper) to search my Zotero library and then automatically create a literature note in my Obsidian vault. What I have included is part of the meta-information including aliases, tags, the title, the authors, the publication with links to the specific Zotero item and attachments. My very limited programing skill does not allow me to write a third-party plugin. So this the best I could do. Here is an example.
example, edit mode
example, preview mode
If anyone needs it or knows an easy way to make it a plugin, please let me know.

I’ve just released a very barebones Citation plugin which implements searching a Zotero reference database and automatic templated creation of notes based on a particular reference.

I haven’t yet implemented some of the more advanced features discussed in this thread (e.g. note export), but it’s on the mental roadmap. Please check out the plugin and let me know what you think!



I’m a Mac, Zotero and Zettlr user and I just discovered Obsidian a week ago.

Have you ever heard about Zotpick ?

It’s a script that you can save as a application on macOS.

So, whatever software I use, when I launch Zotpick the search panel of Zotero appears and the result of my search is automatically written as [@name_date].

For this kind of export, you need to install Better BibTex on Zotero.

What is missed in Obsidian :

  • post-process to export .md with Pandoc
  • integration of a citation database which can be automatically generated by Better BibTex.

And it’s true that this options are both currently available on Zettlr.


To complete.

I don’t use the CLS JSON integration in Zettler.
I prefer the search panel of Zotero. It’s more convenient when you have a large library.


For some reason I cannot make it work from Obsidian, but it is callable (with a shortcut) from other applications. Any suggestions of how this can be fixed?



I can’t either.
I haven’t tried to edit the script to call only Obsidian

tell application "System Events"
		set appName to "Obsidian"
	on error errMsg
		display alert "Problem" message "Could not get the name of the frontmost application."
		error number -128
	end try
end tell


And I wonder why we cannot access to the section “Service” via general application menu in Obsidian.


In all other apps, it appears.

At this time, I use Spotlight to lunch my Zotpick app and it works.

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I know this is a long-dead thread, but I thought it nonetheless worth noting here (for search’s sake, since this is one of the first items that appears when searching for “Zotpick”) that the macOS Services menu item exists for Obsidian now. This means—and I can confirm, having just tested it myself—that Zotpick now works in Obsidian!