Zotero integration, while maintaining existing folders in zotero

Things I have tried

I’ve watched a lot of youtube tutorials, have read the documentation on the zotero integration plug-ins I’ve found, and searched through the forum.

What I’m trying to do

I’m new to Obsidian (but not new to markdown), and would like to integrate zotero with it. I’ve watched several tutorials and looked at the options for different zotero integration plugins, and I like the idea of each paper in my zotero becoming its own obsidian note, with the notes and highlights i’ve taken in zotero migrating into the obsidian note. The issue I’m having is that my zotero has over 1500 papers and they are really well organized into folders and subfolders in my zotero itself, but none of the integration methods I’m seeing allow for that in obsidian–they just dump every paper into the same folder in obsidian, which would just be unmanageable for me. Is there any way to maintain the same folder system I have in zotero in the integration with obsidian? Alternatively, I’d be fine with each folder becoming its own note, and the info for the papers within that folder being added to the note itself, say under different headers.

I know that obsidian is more for links etc and have had friends recommend I not rely on folders as much, but I know myself and know that I will not use this software if I can’t organize everything into folders, because otherwise it would be overwhelming.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

You might want to ask in the Onsidian Discord’s #academia channel. (If you do that and get an answer, it’d be nice to copy it back here.)

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