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I am a medical student who is entirely new in obsidian (i am switching from anytype).

I find it difficult to keep up with medical literature that s why i attempted to construct a zotero link embedded into a daily small note as well as larger summary notes which may backlink to several smaller notes.

**I have several questions

1) most importantly I use the Zotero plugin to quickly write small notes about papers.

My goal is to eventually list several metadata using the dataview plugin (for instance based on tags etc…)

It seems as if I am doing something wrong with the zoteroplugin in terms of storing the metadata.

I am able to request the author/title/tag etc in the dataview plugin , however i use an admonition both for the key points (which i write myself) & for the abstract (which i retrieve from zotero)

—> i would love to query also ‘abstract” and ‘key points’ who are embedded inside admonitions and track them in the dataview table

—> the goal would be to get a table with author/title/journal/creation date note/abstract/key points

—> how to write the metadata code in Zotero plugin & dataview plugin?

  • should I use Yaml frontmatter (don’t know exactly how) or should i define metadata by ::
  • should i avoid admonitions and use callouts?
  • also can i change the bibtex to mention year_abbreviatedjournal_firstauthor_abbreviatedtitle?

Zotero en dataview plugin below of this message


📖[Open item in Zotero]({{select}})
DOI: [{{DOI}}](https:doi.org//{{DOI}})

Journal:: {{publicationTitle}}
Title:: {{title}}
Authors:: {{authors}}
Year:: {{date | format("YYYY")}}
Citekey:: @{{citekey}}

title: Keypoints
collapse: open

Article info
Results & Conclusions:
collapse: closed
Images & attachments


table Journal, Title, Tags, Keypoints
from "Zotero Notes"
Sort descending

I don’t think they’re available, or possible to make available for dataview since they’re inside a code block. But I could be wrong.

My suggestion would be to use the newer style of callouts, that’s natively supported by Obsidian, and use ordinary inline fields for abstract and keypoints.

Don’t know to much about your other questions. Sorry

thanks holroy; how can i do this what you suggested?


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