Zotero beta - export note to MD and Note Templates

Anyone think you could use the conditionals so that the color of the highlight could be used in span commands so that the highlights would show up in Obsidian in their color? I know not a thing about CSS so tell me if I’m totally off base here. I’d love it if there was a one button export to Obsidian (where I could specify the folder to import the note into). I’m an academic so my use case is primarily highlighting and annotating journal articles.

<span class=“purple”> “This note will be purple.” (Dane et al., 2022, p. 37)

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I am also a researcher. For now, I use the following route.

In Zotero beta.6:

  1. while reading an article in the Zotero PDF reader, I highlight the text I’m interested in, and annotate it, usually linked to the text I’ve highlighted. I always separate the highlighted and annotated texts by color, according to the topic I’m interested in.

  2. When I finish with the article, in the left panel I select the different colors (each one associated with a particular topic of the article).

  3. In the right panel, I create a new note (with the option “Add item note”). First, I give a title, which will be the name of the note that will group the annotations of a given color.

  4. I move the annotations of the selected color (in the left pane), to the newly created note in the right pane. Of course, I have a template created for those notes, so that they will be formatted the way I want when I export them to Obsidian.

  5. I repeat steps 2 to 4 successively for each color (each color associated with a topic).

At the end, I have a group of notes associated with each article, with its own title.

In Obsidian:

  1. I create an MD note with the “Citation” plugin, for the article I worked on in Zotero.

  2. I drag-and-drop each Zotero note, to the Obsidian MD note created in step 1. By doing so, each note brings its own title with the topic I had assigned to it in Zotero, as well as the backlinks to the Item in Zotero and to the PDF directly.

I hope it can help you…