Zoom into Headers like most Outliners do with bullets

UPDATE: There is now a plugin that can be installed manually that solves the problem. See this post: Zoom into Headers like most Outliners do with bullets - #9 by smurfman111

Use case or problem

The ability to zoom into a header just like how you can in most outliners like Dynalist (see screenshot below), Roam, outliner plugin in Obsidian etc. It helps with large documents to “focus” your efforts on that particular “section”. And then have a “breadcrumb” at top of page showing your “zoom location”.

Proposed solution

Similar to this screenshot from Dynalist. “Hooked - autopilot response…” would be a H3 header that you zoomed into. “Emotional Agility” and “Hooked” would have been for example H1 and H2 parents of it.

In this screenshot the example in Obsidian would look something like this:

#Emotional Agility
###Hooked - autopilot response to the situation
Internal chatter is not…
Who is in charge…

Current workaround (optional)

No option other than the outliner plugin and writing in bullet / outliner format which I don’t want for most things.


Strong agree.

tried voting 10 times for this, but couldn’t, so please take that into consideration.


I use the collapse/expand functions of headings in Obsidian to somewhat hide things I don’t want to focus on, but then whatever setting I have chosen doesn’t stick when I reopen Obsidian.

So being able to zoom in and out would be fantastic.

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Had just the same thought today. It might be a small addition to the otherwise great “Outliner” Plugin that offers such a feature for bullet lists…

I just opened an issue: [FEAT] Zoom in on Heading · Issue #99 · vslinko/obsidian-outliner · GitHub

Absolutely :100:
Have my vote
Zooming in is something sorely missing as I don’t always want all the noise

I also think this would tie in nicely to a FR I made as well
Consider adding your vote there if it resonates with you

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Eagerly waiting for this feature to be implemented.

I’ve been using obsidian majorly for daily notes and writing research articles and I can’t stress much the importance of focus while preparing such large documents

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BUT: I find it useful only if it is implemented as cleanly as it has been done on Dynalist (with nicely designed breadcrumbs etc). Otherwise it becomes confusing. That’s why I keep turning the outliner plugin on/off :man_shrugging:

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For those who can’t wait - there is a hacky/wacky plugin that implements this. Basically, that’s just an outliner functionality that was extracted and placed into the plugin to work with headers. It wasn’t placed in the community plugins section because of a lack of polishing and cross-feature implementation.

Known issue - it’s doesn’t play good with the outliner zoom feature (you can zoom in header and outliner, so like twice zooming, two breadcrumbs, etc)

I and @vslinko (outliner plugin creator) thinking what zooming functionality can be extracted from the outliner plugin and can be placed as a separate plugin with headers zooming with it).


The amazing @mrjackphil created the Header Zoom functionality and has fixed a few bugs and now it is working exactly like I was hoping! It is not in the official community plugins but you can manually install it from here: https://github.com/mrjackphil/obsidian-zoom-in-headers/releases/latest


  1. Download from here: https://github.com/mrjackphil/obsidian-zoom-in-headers/releases/latest
  2. Download these 3 files (screenshot): main.js, manifest.json, and style.css
  3. Create a folder (name it anything) in your vault > .obsidian > plugins folder. I called it “Zoom Headers”.
  4. Copy the 3 downloaded files from step 2 above to this new folder.
  5. Open obsidian and you should see it in the list of installed Community Plugins. Just flip it on to enable it.
  6. Optional: Turn on the setting for “Ctrl + Click” so it only zooms when you are holding ctrl/cmd on click.


This is amazing, thank you!

Found this thread because I thought the obsidian-zoom plugin was missing the ability to zoom into headers.

Turns out it does – just not (currently) via the mouse. With obsidian-zoom installed, place the cursor on a heading row and use the keyboard shortcut (cmd+. or ctrl+. if you’re on Mac/Windows) to zoom. (Optional step 2: rejoice)

Yep, functionality was extracted (as I mentioned here) from Outliner plugin to the Zoom plugin.

Thanks for pointing out!