Zoom current document text and images, but not UI button


I want a way to zoom the preview of my document


I use an obsidian document in which I add text and image on my laptop, where the text and image are appropriate size.
Sometime I want to present the document to a colleague on an external TV screen, plugged into my laptop.


When presenting on big external screen, fonts and image are too small.
I need a way to zoom.

Things I have unsuccessfully tried

buit-in obsidian zoom

via ctrl + = / ctrl + -, one can zoom

  • the upper limit for maximum zoom is too low for my preference :frowning:
  • it zoom the whole UI and not only the current document (UI button become too big and take too much space)

increasing the font size

via this plugin GitHub - RyotaUshio/obsidian-font-size: An Obsidian.md plugin to adjust font size via commands., I can add shortcut to increase / decrease font size,
It works very well for text, but does not affect my images :frowning:

two things:

  • you can combine zoom and font size change via obsidian core settings: you do both
  • you can go to windows, linux projector/display settings and further tweak resolution (zoom) settings

also, for images ‘awesome images’ plugin might come handy (there is another i used but this awesome one might supersede the other plugin if i know correctly)

btw, my peeve is that workspace settings do not extend to zoom levels in obsidian so i cannot save workpaces to instantly work for external monitors…