Zettelkasten Prefixer Plugin - Wrong date and Incrementing date

I am using the Core Plugin “Zettelkasten Prefixer” with the Zettel ID format set to “YYYY-MM-DD_”. When I press the Create new Zettelkasten note button, the first resulting new note has tomorrow’s date, and subsequent notes (if the first note hasn’t been moved to a new folder) has the date incremented by one each time.
This might be two bugs.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open settings and enable the Core Plugins “Zettelkasten Prefixer” and “Templates”
  2. Configure Templates plugin. Create a template, if needed.
  3. Set Zettel ID format to “YYYY-MM-DD_”. Specify a template.
  4. Press the Create new Zettelkasten note button more than once. Do not modify one note before pressing the button again.

Expected result

The first note created should have today’s date. If that note’s name is not changes from “YYYY-MM-DD_” then the subsequent note should be called “YYYY-MM-DD_1” or “YYYY-MM-DD_ 1” (space between underscore and number).

Actual result

Today was 2021-10-08. The first note was created as “2021-10-09_”. Creating another note, without relocating or changing the name of the first note, created “2021-10-10_”, and then again created “2021-10-11_”, etc.

If the files “2021-10-09_”, “2021-10-10_”, and “2021-10-11_” exist, I delete “2021-10-09_”, and press the button again, then “2021-10-09_” is recreated. The next button press creates “2021-10-12_”


Windows 10 Pro x64, build 21H1
Obsidian version v0.12.15
Locale: Ireland, current time zone is UTC+1. Issue first observed at roughly 14:00

Additional information

Using templates with {{date: ddd, DD MMM YYYY}}, {{time:HH:mm}} present will be replaced correctly with the local time and date.

I did successfully create one note early today which was automatically called “2021-10-08_”, where I added to the note title, added information to the note itself, and then I moved the note to a different folder. It almost seems like the Zettelkasten plugin has a specific timezone defined somewhere.

This has been reported before and is not bug. This is what the ZK prefixer plugin is designed to do: create a unique vault-wise time-based prefix.

Ok, perhaps I didn’t search long enough before making a submission.
Your explanation does make sense (especially since it is a ZK plugin), but I would generally expect that a date tag/variable would always resolve as the current date. I was trying to use the plugin for not-quite-ZK, so I will just do things differently instead.