Zettelkasten Prefixer Not Working for me?

Hi Folks,

I am most likely doing something dumb - I click the “Create New Zettelkasten note” button but nothing happens. I’ve racked my brains trying to figure it out with no luck.

Any one have any idea where to look to determine what exactly I am doing wrong?

Thanks much for your help!


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can you post action videos without third party plugins or themes?

Thanks for your reply - I do not have any third-party plugins or themes. I have “Community” themes turned off in Settings.

I noticed something interesting - if I open the “Help” Vault, the “Create New Zettelkasten Note” button works. The path in Setting in the Help Vault for “New file location” is “Obsidian”, whereas in my notes vault, the path for “New file location” is “/”.

I am on Mac OS 11.2.2 and the path where the Help Vault is stored is ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/Obsidian Help.

The path to my notes vault is ~/Documents/Pers/Obsidian.

Not sure where to look next…

Thank you!

I wanted to suggest what you have already done with the “Help Vault” to test the “Zettelkasten Prefixer”. The paths are fine for me. This is to prevent changes to the “Help Vault” from being saved. Try reinstalling obsidian and downloading a new version, if this problem cannot be reproduced in the “Help Vault”, then most likely it will help. Otherwise, do a bug report.

Can you please add a screenshot of your settings for the Zettelkasten Prefixer?

Here is the screen cap:

Thank you for you help.


If you want your notes in the root folder, it’s not necessary to add the slash in the path.The other problem I see is the colon which is an invalid character for file names. I’d try first removing that.

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Thank you! Removing the colon sorted that out!

Much appreciate your help. Thanks again.


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