Zettelkasten Plugin Update:Turn links to Zettelnotes linked through alias when new note is created

Use Case

My short and medium-term notes in Obsidian are exclusively Dailies(YYYY-MM-DD) and Zettels(YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM). So when I want to create new notes, I will have to stop writing the first note at

  1. USe Zettel plugin to create a new note
  2. Add as an alias
  3. Rely on the backlinks pane to connect back to my note.

This as you might’ve guessed slows me down terribly.

Proposed solution

A Zettelkasten plugin Update, in the form of a toggle perhaps.
If the toggle is on, new notes which are created when Ctrl clicking links, will be named in ZID format specified in the Zettelkasten plugin and the links will be turned into [[ZID|link name]].

Current workaround (optional)

Manually performing the above-mentioned steps 1-2-3

Hi Kuncy,

You could try the “Note Refactor” third part plugin, it can make your notes in daily notes become a individual note efficiently.

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