Zettelkasten notes transition animation

Hello everyone, first off let me say that I’ve decided to switch from Roam to Obsidian after knowing that Roam is going to cost somewhere around 15$ and no information on a free-tier.

There are few adjustments to be made, but I think I’d stick to Obsidian as a long-term solution.

On to the main point, I visited Andy Matuschak’s notes today and found the transition between each note very intuitive. I would love to see something like this implemented, perhaps even as a plug-in.

Here’s a gif:

I think a smooth, intuitive navigation between notes would reduce manual efforts a lot, especially when you are looking for surprising connections.

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What transition do you mean exactly? Could you provide a screenshot or a video/gif of the effect that caught your eye?

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Thanks @rsdimitrov

I mistakenly pasted a URL that does not directly lead to where the transition was immediately obvious. Updated the URL, along with a GIF.

There is a css for this:

Andy Matuschak mode.