Zettelkasten link fixer - doesn't catch links that don't match Obsidian Z-ID style

Steps to reproduce

I have some custom links (from Zettlr) where the format doesn’t match the default Obsidian uses…

[[2020-05-25T100301]] Zettlr Mac install
[[2020-05-25T122312]] Mindforger.md

Expected result

Should convert to be:

[[2020-05-25T100301 Zettlr Mac install]]
[[2020-05-25T122312 Mindforger.md]]

Actual result

Skips those files/tags


  • Operating system:

Mac 10.15.4

  • Obsidian version:


  • Using custom CSS:


Additional information

I suggest you open a feature request or plugin.
The importer from Zettlr is quite different from the importer from TheArchive. That is why it doesn’t work.