Zettelkasten bug

If you try to use Zettelkasten with a simple ISO date stamp to save the size of the file name, ex 220215 (today’s date), then create another one, it changes the date to 2201216 behind the back of the user, it’s unexpected behavior. Just beware, it’s pretty annoying. You need to go back and edit most of your Zettelkasten for the day. Obsidian does not want to fix this bug that changes what the end user expects not to happen…

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The bug is that the file name is edited, and so the YYMMDD- could again be re-used, but the software does not check if the file exists with the name and just assumes that the DD day section needs to be incremented.

Using YYYYMMDD-m fixes the year, month and day. If you’re going to edit the file name anyway, you would just need to delete the minute (m) value and replace it with whatever name you want. Not ideal, but…


No not really when there’s a trivial fix in source code to fix this bug.

That’s not a valid ISO date (if you’re referring to ISO 8601). Perhaps a little pedantic… But if you use an actual ISO timestamp instead, with the current date and time, that should be sufficiently unique.

Once again I repeat my self in this other thread. The ZK ID plugin goal is to generate a vault wise unique prefix. Not just the file name has to be unique but the time-based prefix has to be unique. That is the purpose of this plugin. That is why it was created. If a collision is detected, the prefix ID (date in this case) is incremented by 1 unit. If we hadn’t done this, you could end up with two files with the same prefix and this defeats the goal of this plugin.

If you just want to slap the date of creation before the title of a note, you are using the wrong tool for the job. Use templater plugin.

Cool. If the suggested workarounds don’t suit your needs but the code is trivial to change, will you be submitting a variant plugin to handle this as you want?


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