Yesterday as I was taking notes from a podcast I remember feeling - I want to be able to Navigate to exactly this sentence from so-and-so sentence of this other note.
I realised this is as easy as creating a unique hashtag and a recall of it.
I could do that with random words, but then the utility of the tag will be lost once I use that word in my notes by accident.

And so I created a Zettel-tag
This is how it works. I’ve created an AHK command to generates this string–

#2020-06-21-105540 - A timestamp with a hashtag prefix. Anytime I want to link two points, I paste a unique Zette-tag on these two points.


I shall keep this one in mind. :thinking:

Zettlr allows for this by allowing you to auto generate a zettel ID anywhere on the page using CTRL-L. Then you can create a link to that number in any other document. How links work in zettlr & the archive is when you click on a link it does an “omni-search” looking first for where that number was first mentioned, whether it be a title or in the text.

Their documentation on this. I hope this gets integrated into Obsidian someday through the plugin system.