Zettel for Android: faster than ObsidianMD and use the same vault

That isn’t a typo. It’s spelled zettel.

I can’t get my phone to switch between obsidian and other apps quickly. Even switching between maps and obsidian restarts the app sometimes. It makes obsidian unusable.
GrapheneOS tells me that this is the same on stock android, and posts on the obsidian subreddit tell me that I’m not the only one with this problem.

While Fleeting Notes is a quick way to get notes IN. That’s about all it can do. Zettel supports the links obsidian uses.

It’s much faster, but there’s a problem:
Search results deprioritose note file names. Hopefully it’s just a bug waiting for a fix.

I hope this helps someone who needs access to their vault on their phone.

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