Your suggestions to create daily notes for a journal

I was wondering how you use to use daily notes per day. Up to now, I used to create one daily note by day and separate each note with an horizontal line. But it’s a little bit confusing. As much as possible, I’d like to create “atomic” daily notes. So, what do you think of the following process?

  1. I create a note and attribute to it a tag. For instance, #journal. It may be: #research-journal. it may be too this another one: #phd-journal.
  2. For the same day, I have multiple “atomic” notes.
  3. In the graph view, I can switch from one tag to another one.

Would you please let me some suggestions I should examine?
Thanks for your help.

Sounds fine. If you write a lot of entries, having them as separate notes may become overwhelming. But if that happens, you can merge them.

I use 1 daily note per day. Entries are just paragraphs, restricted to a single line, starting with a timestamp. If I need >1 paragraph, I make a new note in the log folder, with a name that starts with the date, and link to it. I use tags like you’re considering: #logLife, #logMedia, etc. I have a “Journal” section up top with fewer, more “interesting” entries, and a “Log” section below that for health stuff, links to reading/watching notes, etc.

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