You can use - or + to create bullet points: is there a way to change how just ONE looks?

Basically what it says on the title.


I was wondering if doing this with a custom CSS is possible, since I know you can modify how bullet points look.

The reason I want to do this is because, on my notebook, I use - for basic information, a dot for important information and a triangle for extremely important information, so if you guys could help me do this in any shape or form inside Obsidian I would be really grateful! I only care about the reading view, BTW, so as long as it’s still a list of bullet points, I don’t care if I need to use HTML inside the note.

I don’t think Obsidian’s underlying markup notes which list marker was used, so you’ll probably need another way to mark your lists. One option would be to put them in custom callouts.

Also, in Markdown when you change the list marker type it starts a new list. So this is 1 list:

- one
- two
  • one
  • two

And this is 2 (very short) lists:

- one
+ two
  • one
  • two

You can see that the rendered versions here have different spacing because of that.

I see.

And I noticed that you can do these more spaced lists by changing markers; it can be useful sometimes.

Well, thanks for your help! I guess I’ll be bolding and highlighting stuff to do it.

Another option to using callouts, bolding and highlights, is to use decorated tasks, which are offered through many themes, plugins, and/or custom CSS. Using the Minimal theme you could code your tasks as:

- [*] A starred task
- [!] An important task

Which displays as:

This approach would also allow for you to later on query all your important information using something like:

TASK WHERE status = "!"

And it’ll produce a list of all those important tasks, with the possibility to click on the task text and go back to where you originally defined that important information.

If you want to, you can also define your own status characters, and extend the list provided in your context. I’ve defined some related to the BuJo notation for task handling:


Which was produced by this text:

- [ ] Not started
- [/] Started, at least a little bit
- [\] Soon to be finished
- [x] Finished
- [>] Migrated
- [<] Scheduled/deferred

Woah, that’s actually amazing! Especially the dataview part! I totally forgot you can do stuff like that.

I honestly want to keep using the default Obsidian theme until I become able to create my own, so I’ll search for a custom CSS to do it.

Thank you so much!

In the post below I show the CSS used to change my actual task statuses as described previously. Hopefully that example also gives you enough information on how to extend into other custom CSS stuff for tasks if you’d like that.

The example in that post should work in the default theme, although it’s heavily inspired by the Minimal theme.

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