YAML Metadata box at top of page

I was delighted yesterday to notice any Tags: in my YAML header appear in a metadata box at the top of a note. Nothing else shows though. Despite searching here I can’t find an answer.

  1. Should there be?
  2. Am I missing a naming convention?


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Have you tried the help vault in Obsidian? It’s the question mark icon at the bottom of the left sidebar. There should be a note about YAML headers.

It’s somewhat generic info. Doesn’t explain why Tags and Aliases turn up in a metadata box, but other items don’t.

By default aliases and tags are what Obsidian devs have implemented to show in preview mode. Other functionalities you’d have the freedom to implement yourself either through css or plug-ins.

hope that helps!


Knowing that’s the case I can look at what’s next. Thanks.

Hello, I very interested to know if anyone as find a solution to show more than just Tag and Alias in the metadata?
I have multiple Metadata entry that I’m using that I will be happy to see in the metadata box.

CSS snippet or any other way let me know.


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