YAML / Frontmatter Metadata Bug. Container Bug

YAML / Frontmatter Metadata Bug. Container Bug
Short Intro:
Just recently I had the chance to discover Obsidian. Admittedly it was like falling into a hole haha. Now I’m just playing around with it; trying different ways of how to use it at its best and starting to create and adapt themes I learned to love. Anyway long story short: Kudos to all of you for making this possible. The devs and community! Great work.

I’m writing because just came across a Bug that I’m not able to fix myself.
The Metadata in the Frontmatter Section is not inside the container it should be - at least in my understanding. This creates a container that only holds the heading “Metadata” but the rest of the related content lies outside in its own container and missing styling. Pictures speak better than words so I’m sending Screenshots of the problem.




Hi @turiiya , welcome to the Obsidian community!

YAML frontmatter is the very first block in the document, surrounded by --- lines. Here is an example of how it should look in the editor:


…and how it renders in preview mode:


I hope this example helps!


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Hey, nice to read your reply!

Ahhh, I see how it works now and what the container with the “Metadata” heading is used for. Thanks for clearing it up!

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