YAML Data should work within Canvases

Use case or problem

I use YAML data to create dashboards for my notes, but since Canvases are written with JSON formatting, no plug-in recognizes them. Therefore, Canvases tend to be “invisible” to my workflows.

Proposed solution


  1. Enable Obsidian to recognize a YAML block within a Card in the Canvas,
  2. Or create a YAML asset at the bottom (e.g. “Drag to add YAML block”) specifically for YAML to be entered & treated differently. There can be only 1 YAML block per Canvas to avoid any clashing.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m currently just adding YAML data directly to a Card in the Canvas, hoping that this feature will be added in the future and that I don’t need to go through all my Canvases in the future to add this information.

Related feature requests (optional)

Similar to all of the posts related to how tagging should work properly within Canvas.