I just paid £50 for a license.

I am experimenting with importing a small Evernote notebook with a note containing any text plus graphics. I want WYSIWYG. I installed a plugin IMPORTED from Community by Obsidian.

WYSIWYG doesn’t seem to work.

Either it opens Evernote or it displays a dot with a filename.

Neither is what I want.

Evernote works - showing exactly what is intended.

If Obsidian cannot do this, I will need a refund.


Moved to help. What license did you buy? The commercial license?

Which plugin did you install and how is it relevant to what you are trying to achieve?

Did you use the Importer plugin?

When you say “it” opens Evernote, what do you mean by it?

IMPORTER (not IMPORTED - a typo) is in the Community by OBSIDIAN. Required to import from Evernote.

" why is it relevant to what I am trying to achieve? "
It is relevant as I need to import Evernote notes into OBSIDIAN.
" Did I use the plugin? "
Why else would I install it?

“it” refers to OBSIDIAN which means that OBSIDIAN opens Evernote when that note is clicked.

“it” refers to OBSIDIAN which means that OBSIDIAN opens Evernote when that note is clicked.

I believe Feralflora meant to explain what it is you are doing. When you click the “note”? What part of the note, and how? Do you mean a link in the note? Or maybe the imported Evernote note in html, and the whole page is one giant html link? Can you give more details please? Maybe a screenshot or two.

It’s possible to import Evernote notes. But it sounds like you likely have some html notes that are causing behaviour you don’t want.

If you have a note that is safe to share, maybe show a screenshot, or paste the entire source code of the note, html and all. (Be careful it doesn’t have any private info first.)

I don’t know if you saw this, but Nick Milo made a guide for exporting from Evernote. It might have some relevant details. (I haven’t tried it. I left long ago.) https://youtu.be/3Hm8P9kcOR0?t=354


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