Why in OBSIDIAN when you copy your note you cannot get what you see?
Obviously I’m reffering to review PREVIEW mode.
I can copy the bullet points, intends but not photos/pictures…

How to get this?

In general some integration with Office tools would be great.


To clarify: are you saying when you select and copy content in Preview, then paste that content, it does not paste the identical content?

A proper WYSIWYG mode is on the developer’s roadmap. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with this copy-paste issue though.

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I tried copying images from Preview Mode, and you are right. It doesn’t work.

For example, if I have an attached image ![[Pasted image 47.png]], in Preview Mode, if I select the actual image, and copy, it pastes only as the text and not the image or the Markdown link:

Pasted image 47.png

Here is an example if I paste into Bear. The images are turned into text:

This is a much different issue than saying “Wysiwyg” or asking for “integration” with Office tools. Your thread is a bit confusing, because you seem to be asking for 3 things.

The issue here seems to be that it is not possible to copy/paste images from Obsidian, 1) From Preview Mode, into a new note. Or 2) Into any other app. Did I understand correctly?

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You’re right - what I am looking for is to have an option to paste identical content from preview mode…


Maybe a feature request for pasting from preview if that doesn’t exist already? I’ll close this help.

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