Writing notes without fully opening the app on mobile

is there a way to write note without fully opening the app
like maybe make it sit in the notification. so each time i wanna take notes ill just swipe down and itll either save it in daily notes or in other notes

There’s no way built in and I don’t think there are any plugins that do that. But because the notes are just text files in a folder, any app that has the features you want and can save .md files in your vault folder will work.

I use Markor and its QuickNote for this.

My Markor settings make it access my Obsidian vault files location:

LEFT.Obsidian_RIGHT.Markor.PNG | Markor settings.PNG

To keep my Obsidian notes compatible with regular Markdown I use the following settings for all my Obsidian vaults(& check my setup in Markor) …

Under Files and Links:

  1. “Default location for new notes” - “Same folder as current file”.
  2. “New Link Format” - “Relative path to file”.
  3. “Use [[Wikilinks]]” - “off” … yet I still get the advantages of [[]]
  4. Detect all file extensions - enabled
  5. “Default location for new attachments” - “In subfolder under current folder”.
  6. “Subfolder name” - value: “attachments”.

@CawlinTeffid ye thats why I put this in the feature request but someone moved it to the help channel. I guess its may be because i worded it wrongly

Yeah, the post sounds like you’re asking for help, not proposing a feature, and doesn’t indicate that you know it’s not a feature. Different phrasing would have made it clearer what you wanted (following the feature request template would have helped with this).

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