Wouldn't creating links on Properties/YAML make my vault less future-proof?

Seeing as how (I believe (I’m new to Markdown and YAML)) you needed a community plugin to do this not long ago, wouldn’t it make it less future-proof? Could it turn into a very tedious to fix problem in the future?

I wanted to link things like, e.g., author metadata to that author’s note, instead of having to fill in the metadata normally and then having to link to the author on the note’s body.

If this does make it less future-proof, shouldn’t the ability to do this be disabled by default with a warning on the settings option? I know that there are more Obsidian features that wouldn’t work on a different platform, but this is a feature that involves whether links exist or not.

Lastly, Obsidian now treats YAML tags as normal tags, right? Looking at old forum posts, I see people debating whether they should not use YAML tags because it wouldn’t be easy to filter them out on the graph view as normal tags would.

The new property editor is just a more fancy way of interacting with the frontmatter. The actual content is (more or less) the same as before the new way to interact with it. So nothing has changed related to future proofing the actual markdown content.

In fact, if any changes this new way of interacting ensures a more conforming YAML, as you before were allowed to enter various text which really wasn’t truly compliant with the YAML standard.

Whether the links exists or not, is up to the markdown engine rendering them. With the new standard, i.e. "[[some note]]", we’re avoiding unclear cases between declaring an array of array versus declaring a link.

I’m not quite sure I follow you’re use case on the tags, but the old variant of accepting to use #tag in the tags property, is breaking with the YAML standard (if I’m not mistaken) as there # is the start of comments.

So both these cases, are in fact more compliant and will ensure better support in the future, and/or by engines properly supporting YAML one way or another.


Isn’t this Obsidian getting in the way between you and Markdown, making your notes reliant on whatever Obsidian does so that it’s compliant with the Markdown standard? (Same as how before it was modifying #tag in the frontmatter so that it doesn’t break YAML standard).

About the tags, I was entering tags on a note’s properties and they were being assigned as normal tags (same as if you had entered #tag on the body); from reading old forum posts, while trying to wrap my head around YAML, it was my understanding that these were two different kinds of tags that worked separately.

This depends on your point of view. I consider it Obsidian helping us to write nicely formatted and compliant frontmatter. :smiley:

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It wouldn’t help you write nicely formatted and compliant frontmatter, it would just let you bypass the fact that on Markdown you shouldn’t be able to create links on the frontmatter (I’m basing this on having seen that there are old community plugins that were meant to let you do this like this one).

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