Would you recommend an Obsidian Course or a youtube tutorial

Hi, I’d like to know if any of you have use a specific course, I am thinking of maybe buying Santi one but I am not sure if it’s actually worth it and I haven’t see anyone comment on it.

Is it worth it, as of now I only know the basic using the LYT kit, that I don’t really like as such I do use the MOC which is a great way to organize your notes, but I’d like to know more technique basic and advanced.

What do you recommend for learning Obsidian in a efficient way ?
Because as of now I have watch multiple videos and I don’t feel like my notes are that organized and I feel like I’m not using Obsidian to it’s fullest potential at all.

I am searching for good tutorial/course that are not extremely expensive. Which one would you recommend as of now ?

I am currently reading How to take Smart notes

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