Would I need a commercial license in this situation?

I read about the policies concerning commercial licenses, and I’m not so sure whether I should buy a commercial license.

I’m a resident working in a univeristy hospital, and I am using Obsidian to keep track my knowledges, to take notes, and write down my personal schedules.

I usually use Obsidian in my home, but I would also like to use it in my personal office.

I think it’s kinda equivocal whether it is concerned as a revenue-making process when I try to look up my notes in hospital.

Would I need to buy a commercial license or not?

Thanks in advance!

Is the hospital for profit or nonprofit (not to be confused with Not-for-Profit?

I’m not so sure… I’m certain that it’s not ‘for profit’, but I’m not sure that whether it is nonprofit or a not-for-profit. It’s ran by a nonprofit school foundation.

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