Workspace.json causes Obsidian to hang

Does anyone have the issue that occasionally, Obsidian 1.03 freezes? I just had it again, just adding a random wiki link to some note. Obsidian consumed 1 full CPU, and I had to kill it.

After that, starting up again, it would hang on loading the workspace.

Killing it, moving workspace.json out of the way, and restarting Obsidian makes it work again.


Coming back to this, I don’t know what’s actually happening. I reopened everything again, and when editing that same note I was editing, suddenly Obsidian will again hang. Just adding one word, literally. I first thought it was related to me migrating today my Vault to iCloud Drive (I was tempted to use the Mobile app on my iPad), but I immediately excluded that issue by using the original Vault.

As I am writing this, Obsidian sits next to me, is unresponsive, and I see it is using 100% CPU. I see no error messages. I hope it won’t turn into being unstable suddenly, as it would seriously break things for me.

Update: OK, it’s really weird. I can exit Obsidian from the menu (MacOS here). I now moved .obsidian/workspace* out of the way, and could restart. I went back to my note, and typed three words, and boom. It again hangs.

I had the Developer tools open this time, but they show nothing.

Well actually, they do, after a while:

One more update. I now waited like 1 minute at a hanging loading workspace, and I had managed to open the developer tools first:

It was hanging right after the citation plugin. I’ve no idea what that plugin doesn’t like; the bibtex library opens no problem with Bibdesk. Anyway, after that, it went further, the vault did open without moving the workspace* out of the way.

Then I again continue typing like three words into my note, and everything again hangs.

I think I found, though did not understand what has happened. In the note I had a simple link to another note:

    [[Niklas Luhman Archiv]]

You can see that from my screen shot. As soon as I removed that link, I could then continue editing (after the obvious restart). In other words, I killed Obsidian, went into the markdown file with some editor, removed that link, and then relaunched obsidian.

I could edit as much as I want now, even after re-adding that link

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture any good logs of this behavior, but it is scary.

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