Workspace buttons (editor groups)

Use case or problem

I have searched the forum but maybe I am not searching well.

What I am going to describe here is this editor concept where different notes are grouped in particular, self-defined groups.

For example, I have several different Kanban notes for each project I am working on. There are some notes that comprise scientific news, and some others that are focused on health & exercise.

But when I have them open in Obsidian, they are all open at the same time and there’s nothing beside their title to discern them.

Proposed solution

Instead of this, I would suggest adding renameable buttons somewhere alongside an edge or a corner which we will be able to populate with particular notes. In this way I can quickly switch between workspaces dedicated to particular themes i.e. projects, science, health, etc. Clicking a button will close the other notes and open only those that are included in the particular workspace.

Current workaround (optional)

No particular workaround.

Related feature requests (optional)