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Hi guys,

I’m new to Obsidian and have been digging deeper into its functionality over the past week. One thing I’m struggling to grasp is working with images.

Say I paste an image into my notes while in Editor mode, I’ll see something like this: ![[Pasted image 20201011125002.png]]

Question 1 - Is it possible to view the image without having to switch to Preview mode? I get that Editor mode is intended to be minimalistic - which is great - but it sure would be nice to be able to see the image I pasted, if say I need to reference it while working on my notes.

Question 2 - Every time I paste an image, a file name for that image is also included in my Index to the left. With the number of images I’m pasting, the number of images being added to my Index is getting a little out of hand. Is there a way to organize them, or disable them from being shown in the Index? As a workaround, I’ve just been clicking and dragging them into a folder I made specifically for images.

Question 3 - Are there any recommended workflows when dealing with images outside of what I’ve mentioned?

If my questions are clearly addressed anywhere already, please feel free to share the link.


If you set up an attachments folder the images will automatically be saved in that.

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No, but that will be available with the future WYSIWYG editor.

Not exactly sure what you mean by index (vault root?), but have you considered changing your default attachments folder in Settings -> File?

You might need to be more specific about what you want to do with images.


Guys, this helps!

Thank you so much!

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