Workflow for linking to paragraphs/comments in pdf, primarily in android

I’ve seen lots of info here and elsewhere about using zotero, zotfile (doesn’t work with current zotero versions??), paperpile, etc to manage pdfs, and ways to get those annotations into obsidian.

However, many of these don’t apply to me because I mainly use an android phone and keyboard + mouse as my primary way of interfacing with obsidian and these reference managers, and android app support for the managers is poor.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what might be the most elegant solution for managing pdfs in a way that means I can take notes (hopefully highlights, comments, and handwriting) and be able to link to those in obsidian? I know this should be possible in obsidian itself, but ideally I could have a way to:

  • find a pdf online, save it to a reference manager, import it into some kind of third-party reader (because neither zoo for zotero, the only zotero app I can download on my phone, nor the paperpile android app can export annotations in a way that I can get to obsidian, to my knowledge)
  • write highlights, comments, and perhaps ink notes, and be able to make obsidian links that point to these (preferably, IN/by opening the pdf reader)
  • be able to also send these back to the reference manager somehow

Is anyone doing something like this or has any ideas for how to make it work?

I forgot to mention- the obsidian/zotero plugins don’t work on my phone, either

You can use the markmind plugin or the new option to copy link to annotations directly from the default obsidian pdf reader (e.g. use foxit reader on android, then open obsidian and copy the link to that annotation). Let me know!

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