Workflow for creating talking points from various articles

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to create a workflow for marking up articles and creating talking points about a various subjects.

I want to make a Talking Point page for each topic and have a list of rebuttal for all the usual arguments that come up. I want to then source the rebuttal with embeds from various articles and points of fact from the web or other notes.

So when I read something that could be a good talking point, what’s the best workflow to be able to retrieve it later in my Talking Point documents? Would I put a hashtag after each paragraph of interest, like this? #talking-point

If so, what’s the next step of the workflow?

Or would I put [[Talking Point]] after each paragraph?

What would then be the next steps if more than one paragraph has [[Talking Point]] beside it, or is that redundant?

Is there better way?

Would it be more helpful in linking, block embedding, or viewing relationships in the graph to be more granular with hashtags or pages? Like referencing the talking point topic or even a sub-topic? e.g. Instead of just “talking-point”, which would be across many articles and topics, use “talking-point-evolution” or “talking-point/evolution”? Or maybe even more granular, “talking-point-evolution-intellegent-design” or “talking-point/evolution/intellegent-design”… that way in graph mode the connections might be more helpful, but I really have no system yet and looking for advice.

Thanks for any advice!


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