Workflow for collaborating, getting updates on new changes?

I wonder if anyone has any tips for collaborating in a shared vault. We don’t need real-time text editing sharing, but we are looking for some way to indicate to each other: here’s what’s new or changed since the last time you looked at the vault. I’m hoping that the item on the roadmap about “tracked changes” for synced vaults might also help. But some kind of list that I could click through and view each change would really be appreciated. Double points if that list could then become a space for comments and discussion between collaborators.

The only approaches that spring into my mind are the following plugins:

And lastly, you could use GitHub as the central point for synchronising the shared vault.

  1. Use Dataview to create variable ModificationDate and ModPerson, then search last modification without you.
  2. Use Github. You have modification version, person + backup.

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