Workflow about screenshots

In daily life we will take a lot of screenshots from pdfs ,websites or from some videos

some of them are just words which can type manually in to obsidian or by using OCR . but in some of them , words and images support each other , of course I can just paste this screenshot into obsidian ,but I was afraid some day these raw screenshots will take up too much storage (even larger than the threshold mentioned in official sync doc)

so maybe someone here can share some cases about how you deal with screenshots in your workflow?

Not really had an issue with it so far, I’m not taking hundreds of screenshots so it’s been rather slow building.

In your scenario, I would just continue what you’re doing already and cross that bridge when you come to it.

There are plug-ins which can auto-upload images to imgur before embedding, though if you care about owning all of your own data this isn’t really a tenable solution.

I have a folder called “Archive” where I put all my non-md files. This is mostly PDFs but also some pictures, including screenshots. Generally if I need to use those files somewhere else I create an md file that links to it (e.g., a PDF for an article in Archive + an md file reference note elsewhere in the vault that links to the PDF).

In my vault per se storage isn’t an issue as I use a cloud service plenty of space. However, it allows me to keep my vault synced on, e.g., my phone, which doesn’t have a lot of space: I just exclude the “Archive” folder from the sync.