Workaround that lets me use colon in titles. Probably without breaking my filesystem!

I sometimes like using colons in the titles of notes, which Obsidian (for good reason) can’t handle. So I dug into my unicode browser and found U+2236 ratio, a mathematical symbol that looks just like a colon. You can put this in document titles with no problem! Here it is∶

(both of the colons above are actually ratio)

I’m on a Mac so I’ve set up a text expansion snippet in Alfred to insert the symbol when I type a short string (I like :; but you could use anything). I believe the native MacOS text expansion can do the same thing. I’m sure other OSes have something comparable.

Possible drawbacks: 1) You need to remember that you used this hack if you are trying to search docs by title. 2) Some OSes might have problems with “nonstandard” characters in filenames.

Interesting. But when using something like this you should double check if whatever tool your syncing with can handle these filenames.

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