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I currently use Obsidian (PKM, Notes), Notion (Projects, Tasks) and Sunsama (Day planner for tasks). The only reason I still use Notion is to handle project tasks as it directly links to / integrates with Sunsama. I would like to ditch Notion and only use Obisidian + Sunsama

What I’m trying to do

Has anybody setup a workaround / hack to get Tasks within Obsidian into Sunsama? I am trying to capture task in Obsidian and somehow sync them with Sunsama. Happy to use workarounds / third party, but the workflow must be easy and integrate well in Obsidian. Ideally I would like to use regular Markdown tasks in Obsidian.

Things I have tried

I am aware of plugins (Notion sync, Jira sync, Todoist sync). These three apps, among others, have direct integrations with Sunsama. However I have not been able to setup a satisfactory workflow with these.

Looking to see if someone has managed to do this and is happy with the solution.

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Ok, I retried a few plugins and I have now settled on a solution that kind of works. Basically, I am using Todoist as a link between Sunsama and Obsidian.

First I link Obsidian to Todoist. There are several plugins for this. The biggest one is GitHub - jamiebrynes7/obsidian-todoist-plugin: Materialize Todoist tasks in Obsidian notes. Even though this is pretty stable and used widely, it does not allow me to use markdown tasks. It just displays Todoist tasks according to filters and lets me add via a dialog window. Todoist does not allow to show completed tasks via filters. They just disappear.

It is critical for me to be able to see all tasks, both completed and open on project pages. I therefore settled for this plugin: GitHub - HeroBlackInk/ultimate-todoist-sync-for-obsidian. It allows me to use regular markdown tasks and sync those with Todoist. Disadvantage: it is still not very polished and sometimes buggy. I hope the stability will improve. I do feel comfortable enough to use it.

Basically, I sync markdown tasks with Todoist and then can use the Todoist - Sunsama integration. If I mark a task complete in Sunsama, it travels all the way back to Obsidian.

Just to let you know if anyone wants to try the same. Also, if you want to use different tools, many have Todoist integrations, so this might be a way to get it to work with Obsidian.


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