Workaround for Dataview caching issues

I have a simple Dataview query that I’m using to display links/bookmarks that I’ve synced form Raindrop to Obsidian. I’ve got the query inserted in my Daily Note template; the WHERE clause looks at the Daily Note filename to determine the current date and the query successfully shows only that day’s links.

The problem I’m running into is that due to some kind of caching that’s taking place, the results of the query aren’t changing when I click back and forth between two different daily notes. They only change when I either:

  • Close all editor windows
  • Click into the Dataview query itself and then exit it

I haven’t been able to dig up any threads about this, which seems strange since I’ve seen lots of mentions about Dataview queries to Daily Notes templates. My code is below. Is there something different I’m supposed to be doing in the code or in a settings configuration somewhere?

table without id 
dateformat(localtime(created), "yyyy-MM-dd") as "Date", 
named_link as "Link",
from "Bins/Links"
where striptime(localtime(created)) = date(

One thing I’ve started is trying to translate this to DataviewJS to see if it renders correctly, but I haven’t gotten it working yet. If that’s likely to help I could use some pointers there. (I’m currently stuck at how to access the striptime and localtime functions in the DataviewJS environment.)


You are using the feature “Live Preview”? If you disable this feature (Settings > Use legacy editor, enable and restart Obsidian) the behavior remains?
I’m don’t use (yet) the new feature and yet I experience some caching issues. But usually I just need to change to other note and return.
BTW, there’s a new dataview update.
About your code (I don’t know js to advise you), if in daily note with date in title, you can replace date( by

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